Pesce Al Forno, aka, a posh fish tray bake

italian fish recipe

Don’t be intimated by it’s name. ‘Pesce Al Forno’ is an easy classic Italian fish recipe with veggies and delicious white wine, butter and lemon sauce. Essentially it is just a tray bake, with a white fish fillet as it’s star, served with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, shallots and capers; all swimming in an silky white wine, butter, lemon and parsley sauce. I have used a sole fillet for this one, but you could try it with any firm white fish [like haddock, grouper, halibut, tilapia or pollock]. Go with what ever is freshest down at your local fishmonger.

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Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce

One of my favourite go-to weekday home cooked meals has got to be a fresh basil pesto sauce. It’s quick, easy and absolutely delicious! You just cannot compare a freshly made sauce, to even the best jared store bought variety. It took me 16 years before my world was brightened by trying the freshly made good stuff and I haven’t looked back ever since.

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Grilled Whole Fish with Lemongrass & Lime Leaves

This salt crusted & lemongrass stuffed fish is one of my newest BBQ favourites. We fell in love with it when we were in Thailand last year and were only too happy to discover it on the menu of Chachawan down the road in Sheung Wan.

I tend not to have a plan on what I want to buy on the way to Gage Street wet market, instead I let what’s fresh and looking good in the seafood stalls inspire dinner’s direction. Today’s sea bream was looking super fresh, so I picked up some lemongrass, coriander and lime leaves with the rest of my weekly vegetable top up. With such a beautiful clear sky weekend, it was a perfect afternoon to fire up the BBQ and remind myself how much I love grilling.  Continue reading

Veal Escalope with a Lemon and Butter Sauce

This veal escalope recipe is extremely easy and simple to whip up, in 15 minutes. The buttery sauce is light and lifted nicely from the citrus lemony notes, with fresh parsley undertones.  The sauce also works really well with pork chops…  quick and easy Scaloppine al Limone aka veal escalope with lemon, butter and white wine sauce.  Continue reading

Best Bolognese Sauce, ever.

One of my all time favourite comfort foods has to be a good old bolognese sauce. After years of experimenting, this is my ultimate recipe for the most delicious bolognese you will every make. Feel free to use it on any shape pasta, but I think it works best when paired with a freshly made fettuccine, as it offers lots of pasta surface area to soak up all those wonderful flavours! Of course, the classic spaghetti works well too.  

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Simple Fresh Egg Pasta Recipe

Making pasta from scratch is easy and well worth the effort! I use 100 grams of 00 flour, to 20 grams of semolina flour, to one organic fresh egg. If you want to make more, than multiply all ingredients proportionally, for this recipe I used e.g. 300 grams 00 Flour, 60 grams semolina flour, x3 eggs. I also add a little splash of white wine, dash of water, dribble of virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. 

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Butchers Club Burger | quality without the fuss

It takes balls to commit to ground floor real estate space in Hong Kong with the colossal rents and only a menu of only a handful of items. They must be doing something right though, as even after the hype of their first branch in Wanchai has more then enough time to settle down, The Butchers Club Burger has recently opened a second shop in Central on the Wellington Street and Mid-Level escalator junction.

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Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Dill Salad

Having indulged heavily in the spirit of all things Christmas, we decided we needed a lighter dinner to balance out some of our gluttony. Whilst this smoked salmon and asparagus salad recipe screams all things healthy, it packs a strong flavour punch with both the lemony citrus notes and robust dijon mustard, working together to elevate the taste sensation. The delicate dill complements the salmon with a soft sweetness, and the capers add a subtle natural salty and tangy depth to some of the bites.

No one said healthy needed to be boring. Here is one of the most simple, easy salad recipes that takes only 15 minutes start to finish. 

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Sohofama | wholesome Chinese food


Sohofama is a thoughtfully arranged marriage between the Sai Yin Pun based team at Locofama and GOD lifestyle brand. Taking a spacious ground floor unit at PMQ on the Bridges Street side, they offer a carefully crafted seasonal menu with heavy emphasis on boasting hormone free, antibiotic free, locally sourced, organic, free range, grass fed sourced ingredients. With ingredients that meet the above criteria, the menu has been designed to make the most of the ‘essence’ of flavours which is only possible to show case when working with quality fresh ingredients. Continue reading

Mrs Pound | Hidden secret in Sheung Wan with flare


We tried Mrs Pound last week and were pleasantly surprised with not just the menu itself, but also the venue’s vibe.  The exterior doesn’t give anything away, not even a the name of the restaurant, but stepping through the sliding doors you are are hit with a hip, warm and inviting space. The foundation of this Asian street eats style menu is uniquely reflected across the interior decor, illustrating the character behind the cute novelty story. There are burlesque scents of a women’s attitude, oozing out of every corner, wall and ceiling of the room. I’m talking feather boas, classic vanity mirrors with exposed light bulbs, ballet shoes and trinkets.  Continue reading

Alfresco Dim Sum Dining, with a Seaview

For the those of us who share the need of getting out this urban jungle on the weekends, Sha Ha beach is a secret haven. Its sands are not quite as fine or golden as found in Dai Long Wan further north in Sai Kung, but it is an easy to reach spot to enjoy a excellent day out. Whilst it is most known for the water sports centers clustered in the middle of the beach, we fell in love with it for the alfresco dim sum offered at Beach Cuisine AND because the whole area is the most dog friendly part Hong Kong we have ever stumbled across.

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Cherry Tomato Growing Experiment, Round 1

This was drafted, but never posted. So whilst a little old, it is the commentary  for the first Cherry Tomato experiment…

After the radish experiment kicked off to such a great start, my excitement was fueled even more for this new endeavour. Whilst I had originally planned to hold off a little on sowing any more seeds, I needed some therapeutic distraction from the real world and found myself just getting stuck in.  Continue reading

Grow your own … in Hong Kong

First batch of harvested radishes

I have always had a love affair with food. Since moving back to Hong Kong almost 7 years ago, I have enjoyed exploring new tastes, cuisines, smells and ingredients (despite the occasional unpleasant meeting with Mr G.E along the way!). Last year we have moved to a place with more (outside) space. A rare little sun trap, perfect for a micro garden and therapy of the outdoor home variety. I have been encouraged by a healthy curiosity over allotments and cooking shows, featuring a strong grow your own element…. Continue reading

Ravioli with Parma Ham and Two Cheese, with a Brown Butter Sage Sauce

I have always had a love affair with fresh ravioli. It’s possible that on an unconscious level, it reminds me of an Italian equivalent of cantonese dumplings. Having grown up in Hong Kong where there is an abundance of steamed and grilled varieties, these are home foods that are close to my heart.

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ABC Kitchen, Sheung Wan

Friday night in Hong Kong puts out an abundance of indulgent food offerings, from the sinfully extravagant to the wallet guilt free fixes. Somewhere inbetween this spread sits what you get with a visit to the ABC kitchen restaurant in the cooked food market at 1 Queen Street, Sheung Wan.

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Nosh | Nom Nom Nom

Neighborhood Cafe


With so many neighbourhood cafes springing up in Po Hing Fong and Sheung Wan, a formula for success has shown itself in a few great spots. 

For the coffee seeker, there is nothing worse then finding that the place is closed during normal business hours, followed by the quick solution finding panic to seek out another drinking hole to get your fix. Nosh is dependable. We all know it’s closed one day a week, on Monday. The rest of the time, it offers good coffee in an open space that lends itself very well to discerning individuals who work remotely or enjoy a good read, as well as proving to be a great spot for a good old fashion Kaffeeklatsch chin wag.

Nosh Weekend Brunch Menu

Being practically neighbours, I have been working my way through their menu since their opening. I appreciate the refined menu selection, as opposed to menus that try to please everyone by offering everything under the sun. Rarely have I found a place that sports the later, done well.

Nosh offers a wholesome breakfast choices, a choice of 3-4 daily fillings sandwiched inbtween in house baked breads, a specials board for lunch and also plenty of delicate french style pastries that accompany a good cuppa afternoon very tea nicely.   

For weekend brunch, their menu offers a Nosh Brunch – HK$150 (gourmet full hog breakie), Euro Brunch HK$140 (lighter but still satisfying) and a few other variations, which alter from time to time.

Eggplant bruschetta on sour dough

The bruschetta is a personal favourite. It starts with the home baked sour dough foundation, which has a lovely surprise layer of cream cheese In-between the soft and well seasoned egg plant. The generous alternating layers of tomatoes and meaty mozzarella are finished off well with a thick and sticky balsamic reduction, which is welcomed as it perfectly balances the dish by cutting through the cheese goodness. To finish it off, fresh basil leaves work to lift the dish nicely. Not only visually appealing, you will leave absolutely stuffed and easily able to justify to yourself that it was somewhat guilt free.

Peach, Parma Ham and Mozzarella Salad

A refreshing light bite is their peach, mozzarella and parma ham salad with a balsamic reduction. 

Nosh Cafe
a. 11 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan (off Hollywood Road)
t. +852 25598508