Louise Ng


If I could have one super power, it would be to have a bottomless stomach with the ability of never getting fat. Ok, maybe that’s two wishes?

If you want to know more… I am a Eurasian food lover from a city with a smorgasbord of every type of cuisine you could crave. My gluttonous side wants to try out as many of the dai pai dongs (street cafes), cook food markets and restaurants as I can cram in. Always on the look out for new great eats, in Hong Kong and beyond. When that side of me isn’t winning, I am happiest pottering around in my tiny kitchen.

Welcome to my patch of the web, written for the most part on a sunny terrace in a lovely little Hong Kong neighbourhood called Po Hing Fong. Poho Patch is a space dedicated to feeding the soul with a collection of recipes, food commentary, occasional urban gardening posts, with travel feedback from getting lost at sea and on land. As a water baby, I will also be writing about my adventures on and under the sea.

I am photographer at heart, so there will always be lots of eye candy to feed your soul.

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