Alfresco Dim Sum Dining, with a Seaview

For the those of us who share the need of getting out this urban jungle on the weekends, Sha Ha beach is a secret haven. Its sands are not quite as fine or golden as found in Dai Long Wan further north in Sai Kung, but it is an easy to reach spot to enjoy a excellent day out. Whilst it is most known for the water sports centers clustered in the middle of the beach, we fell in love with it for the alfresco dim sum offered at Beach Cuisine AND because the whole area is the most dog friendly part Hong Kong we have ever stumbled across.


Sha Ha Beach Sai Kung Hong Kong

Water sports at Sha Ha Beach in Sai Kung

SK Beach Club has three beach side dining options, all with prime views over Sha Ha Beach and the Sai Kung waters. BBQ King provides fire pits and all you can eat canto style buffet spread for HK$169-198 per pax [price varying for children, adults and the day of the week]. You can eat your hearts desire worth of fish balls, chicken wings, pork, sweet potatoes, etc. Beach Pub has a short menu of gweilo style food, with booze and coffees. The last and most favoured option is Beach Cuisine, the chinese restaurant sandwiched inbetween the former two.

Sunday Yum Cha

Sunday family yum cha at Sha Ha SK Beach Cuisine restaurant

The casual alfresco setting has only one row of beach side tables catering for groups comfortably up to around 10 pax per table, in their own individual gazebo style setting separated by cute plant troughs. We love that they have not crammed in tables just to get more sittings, which is somewhat unique when compared to the rest of the common seaside Sai Kung restaurants.  

For those without their furry friends and when the mercury reaches too hot to handle levels, there is also an air conditioned interior option. Diners can choose from a dim sum menu as well as a decent al a carte menu, without the fear of  an added premium for the view or compromise on quality of the food. It has fast become one of our favourite weekend yum cha spots, with good food, a relaxing vibe to help city dwellers unwind and plenty of space for dogs to run, dig and swim. We have yet to have a bad dish at Beach Cuisine, and truthfully, after having yet to find a none greasy, oily dim sum option in the main stretch, this was a most welcome find. 

Beach Cuisine is a hidden gem where you can enjoy good dim sum in peace, without having your personal space overwhelmed and admire a truly local Hong Kong sea view, only a stones throw away from the beach itself.  

Ha Gao Siu Mai Xioa Long Bao SK Beach Club

Trio of dim sum bits – Prawn dumplings [Ha Goa | 蝦餃], Pork & Prawn Dumplings [Siu Mai | 燒賣] and Shanghai Pork Dumplings [Xiao Long Bao | 小籠包]

Crispy prawns wrapped in bean curd skin

Pork and prawns wrapped in crispy bean curd skin [fu bai goong | 腐皮卷] – perfectly crispy and not oily 

Garlic fried pea sprouts [Dau Miu | 豆苗]

Garlic fried snow pea shoots [Dau Miu | 豆苗] – flash fried quickly and done perfectly

BBQ pork rice flour rolls [Char Siu Cheng Fan | 叉燒腸]

BBQ pork rice flour rolls [Char Siu Cheng Fan | 叉燒腸] – could be a bit more generous with the char siu filling

E Fu noodles with fresh crab meat

E Fu noodles with fresh crab meat – noodles were not over cooked, firm texture with very fresh crab

SK Beach Club itself and Sha Ha Beach are all dog friendly. As are the water sports centers, offering rentals of stand up paddle boards, wind surfing, kayaks and canoes to go and explore near by islands Yeung Chau, Pak Sha Chau, Cham Tau Chau and Sharp Island.

Hiro on Sharp Island Sai Kung

Hiro at Sharp Island, on a post dim sum kayaking excursion

Sha Ha is convenient to reach too. If you are coming by car, it has it’s own parking area [Mon-Fri free if you spend HK$200 in any of the SK Beach Club venues; Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays is HK$30 per hour or HK$10 per hour if you spend more than HK$200]. Alternatively you can walk north 10-15 minutes along the water front promenade from Sai Kung Pier. 

S.K. Beach Club
a. Sha Ha Beach, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung, N.T, Hong Kong
t. +85227924990