Butchers Club Burger | quality without the fuss

It takes balls to commit to ground floor real estate space in Hong Kong with the colossal rents and only a menu of only a handful of items. They must be doing something right though, as even after the hype of their first branch in Wanchai has more then enough time to settle down, The Butchers Club Burger has recently opened a second shop in Central on the Wellington Street and Mid-Level escalator junction.

Increasingly building the reputation for the go to burger joint in town, both shops enjoy a steady flow of red-meat-fix seekers, offering quality without the fuss. Their menu is the definition of simple. Officially listing only Burger [HK$100] with Canadian smoked streaky bacon glazed with maple and black pepper syrup, organic Australian tomato and english white cheddar cheese sandwiched between a home made scotch floury bap. They also feature Duck Fat Fries [HK$20] and Ice Cream Float [HK$40].

The beef is specifically made from 100%, 300 day dry-aged Australian Angus cattle, fed only on a diet of organic hormone-free, antibiotic free pasture and organic grain. The patties are ground to order in-house and seasoned with a ‘secret’ blend of spices, flaky kosher salt and ground pepper. 

They do have a few more off menu items for those with monster hunger or the more adventurous of us. The Hogtown [HK$160] is topped with pulled pork, canadian cornmeal style bacon, pickled shallots, thyme, honey mustard and smoked gouda. The Double Happiness [HK$160] is a double patty, with you guessed it, double cheese. Wu Tang Style [HK$120] is fried in Sriracha sauce, made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt, then topped with cheese, kimchi, Japanese kewpie mayo and a tempura sweet potato. Finally they also offer the only vegetarian menu item, What Food Eats [HK$120], a chickpea patty with fried halloumi, lettuce, tomato and spicy greek yoghurt. The burgers are reasonably priced, keeping in mind the ingredients used.

We took seats in the raised back room at the largest table overlooking the grill station. Watching the grill masters at work we observed the care taken to ensure that each patty was cooked perfectly medium, before the cheese slice was placed on top and the burger’s heat melted the white cheddar. Both the top and bottom layer of the buns were toasted on a separate grill, then the burger was built upwards from a layer of tomato slices, the patty itself, cheddar and finally the Canadian streaky bacon.

The Butchers Club Burger

Two burgers and one portion of duck fat fries. We found the burger portions, and proportions, to be perfect. The bap-to-interior burger ingredients ratio is just right. Our patties were cooked exactly medium. The balanced blend of ‘secret’ spices sang in harmony with the melt in your mouth textures.  

Duck Fat fries, Butchers Club Burger

Duck Fat fries. Perfectly deep fried chunky potato fries. Possibly slightly over seasoned.

Open kitchen, Butchers Club Burger

Open kitchen at the Butchers Club Burger

The grill, Butchers Club Burger

The grill station, Butchers Club Burger

Shop front, Butchers Club Burger

Shop front, Butchers Club Burger

This was our second visit which was a success. The former being to the Wanchai branch on a very busy Friday night, unfortunately not as much of a victory, with it involving overcooked patties and over fried fries. I am also told by my brother who coincidentally tried the Wellington branch on the same day, that his Double Happiness burger was disappointingly over done…

There is no doubt that the Butcher Club Burger has the formula to serve up a perfect burger, but it maybe hit or miss depending on the level of business when you visit. Nothing worse then a well done burger, unless of course that’s your genuine preference.

The Butchers Club Burger
a. G/F, Sunwise Building, 112-114 Wellington Street, Central
[near junction of Wellington Street & the Mid Level Escalator]
t. +852 2347 0777

Opening Hours. 12:00-23:00, 7 days a week
No reservations, strictly walk-in only