Cherry Tomato Growing Experiment, Round 1

This was drafted, but never posted. So whilst a little old, it is the commentary  for the first Cherry Tomato experiment…

After the radish experiment kicked off to such a great start, my excitement was fueled even more for this new endeavour. Whilst I had originally planned to hold off a little on sowing any more seeds, I needed some therapeutic distraction from the real world and found myself just getting stuck in. 

Cherry Tomato Seedlings

These seeds sprouted quickly within a week, a little longer than the radishes took to poke through. After a few weeks, we replanted them to give allow a little more anchorage growing space.

Cherry tomato seedlings sprouting

Whoever said that radishes were supposed to be the easiest veg to grow, was wrong. These tomatoes were easy going and I had an army of little tomato plants that needed replanting, every few weeks. 

IMG_180111 01 14 - Radish

Cherry tomato toddler army

Soon enough they were needing little supports to help them shoot up straight… and not long, they need transplanting again into their own larger pots with larger bamboo supports.

IMG_271011 01 14 - Radish

Transplanted into their own pots

IMG_545811 01 14 - Radish

Over three feet tall

The only real challenge, was that it seemed like they would never stop reaching for the sky, hitting well over 6 feet tall and needed sturdy support along the way. We used fallen bamboo found up the Morning Trail, collected over a a few trips while walking our dog Hiro, to create a much needed grid like support system. 

IMG_617311 01 14 - Radish

The cherry tomatoes at their peak, ripening for harvesting

These cherry tomatoes blossomed at Po Ho Patch, enjoying the direct sun light and serious amounts of water to quench their constant thirst through the summer. The results were incredible. I have never tasted just picked, sun ripened cherry tomatoes eaten only moments after picking. 

Sun Ripened Organic Cherry Tomatoes


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