Grow your own … in Hong Kong

First batch of harvested radishes

I have always had a love affair with food. Since moving back to Hong Kong almost 7 years ago, I have enjoyed exploring new tastes, cuisines, smells and ingredients (despite the occasional unpleasant meeting with Mr G.E along the way!). Last year we have moved to a place with more (outside) space. A rare little sun trap, perfect for a micro garden and therapy of the outdoor home variety. I have been encouraged by a healthy curiosity over allotments and cooking shows, featuring a strong grow your own element….

Countless hours were consumed building romantic micro garden concepts in my head, inspired by a push to try to explore both more sustainable living, and also obtain that more organic wooden look and feel.

By Arthur van Langenberg

 I stumbled across this book in one of my local kitchen supply stores after struggling to find much online with Hong Kong appropriate info. It is an easy to digest, dip in-and-out resource on what works works well in Hong Kong in our rather swampy air and two seasoned climate.

After flicking through these pages, something finally tipped. Rather than further procrastination with day dreams of building my own DIY vertical garden out of reclaimed woods and other recycled materials (sigh), I popped across to the dark side down to the flower market near Prince Edward Road for inspiration. Running with my just-get-on-with-it mood of the moment, I decided to just dig my hands in the soil and go for it.

Two kinds of radish seeds

Armed with two varieties of radish seeds, as I am told they are supposed to be the easiest idiot proof starter I began by sowing a mix of these seeds. Keeping the soil moist with a water sprayer, the seeds germinated in less than 4 days!



They graduated from their baby nursery after under two weeks and seem to be very happy, enjoying as much sun shine as we are granted in between tropical storms in June & July and also being moved in and out the scorching mid day sun.

Growing quickly, only approx 3 weeks here


4 weeks

It got a little crowded in the kindergarten though, so moved them into a big boy school solution, to give them a little more elbow room for their proper plumping.


This was the start of the chronicles of our micro gardening experiment in a corner of one of the busiest urban jungles, from someone who has never had soil under her nails and has a genuinely ridiculous fear of worms….

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