Sohofama | wholesome Chinese food


Sohofama is a thoughtfully arranged marriage between the Sai Yin Pun based team at Locofama and GOD lifestyle brand. Taking a spacious ground floor unit at PMQ on the Bridges Street side, they offer a carefully crafted seasonal menu with heavy emphasis on boasting hormone free, antibiotic free, locally sourced, organic, free range, grass fed sourced ingredients. With ingredients that meet the above criteria, the menu has been designed to make the most of the ‘essence’ of flavours which is only possible to show case when working with quality fresh ingredients. Some of their produce is grown from their own farm in Kam Tin in the New Territories, which must receive more TLC than the plants at PMQ. In town the urban micro gardening concept has its heart in the right place, but it seems to be somewhat neglected now that we have fallen into the colder months. This is a shame for those choosing to sit outside, finding themselves amongst dried and sparsely arranged plants.

With both seating inside and out, the interior section is very much what we would expected from a GOD partnership, show casing Hong Kong culture with their quirky designs concepts. Those who are fortunate to have lived here understand the undertones of GOD aspirations, and those that haven’t, find the designs just plain cool.

With blue skies gracing us finally, we strolled down to Sohofama seeking an alfresco setting for lunch. Whilst my eyes were as usual larger than my stomach, we opted for the al a carte items instead of the 9 dish tasting menu [HK$460/min 2 pax]. We ordered the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao with organic US pork [HK$68], stir fried Australian grass fed organic beef with leaks and chilies [HK$168], Szechuan Tam Tam noodles [HK$68], cold cucumber with garlic and light vinaigrette [HK$58] and the Spanish chorizo with organic fried rice [HK$138].

Xiao Long Bao

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao with organic US pork, possibly one of the best in town. The dumpling skin is perfectly thin and elastic, encasing melt in your mouth pork mince with a fragrant pork broth that was clearly, just as equally a priority flavour in the preparation of this dish.    

Organic beef with leaks and chilies

Stir fried Australian grass fed organic beef with leaks and chilies. Thinly sliced garlic, crunchy fresh green and red peppers with tender beef and a subtle kick from the chilies with fresh coriander.  

Szechuan Tam Tam noodles

Szechuan Tam Tam noodles. There are different varieties of this dish, if you love the chili oil style then this one is not for you. The Sohofama style is based on a sesame foundation with ground peanuts, scallions, mince pork and a broth that is not as heavy as it looks.  

cold cucumber with garlic and light vinaigrette

Cold cucumber with garlic and light vinaigrette, a fresh and crunchy light dish, though we couldn’t find any garlic in ours… 

Spanish chorizo with organic fried rice

Spanish chorizo, prawns, sliced gai lan stalksm, scallions and egg, with organic fried rice. The Spanish chorizo works well as a fusion supplement on chinese lap cheong sausage, providing just the right amount of saltiness and a subtle smokiness, adding depth to what is normally a humble chinese food staple. 

Sohofama outside seating

Sohofama outside seating

Sohofama Micro Garden

Whilst the portions are a little on the compact side for these price points, you are paying for the good stuff and the knowledge that you will not be walking away feeling like you need to chug down a liter of water, like you would if you were eating in a place heavy with all those unnecessary additives. The dishes we tried were not overly oily or salty, the meat tender and the ingredients clearly fresh. It is worth mentioning that there are two pages dedicated to vegetarian diners in the menu and with a fully stocked bar, they also offer an interesting range of cocktails to sample. With so many winners on the menu and with a ethos championing carefully selected ingredients, this is a must try for any foodie wanting to experience quality Chinese food, done well. The Shanghai Xiao Long Bao with organic US pork and truffle is a must.

a. G/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong [Bridges Street side]
t. +852 2858 8238