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With so many neighbourhood cafes springing up in Po Hing Fong and Sheung Wan, a formula for success has shown itself in a few great spots. 

For the coffee seeker, there is nothing worse then finding that the place is closed during normal business hours, followed by the quick solution finding panic to seek out another drinking hole to get your fix. Nosh is dependable. We all know it’s closed one day a week, on Monday. The rest of the time, it offers good coffee in an open space that lends itself very well to discerning individuals who work remotely or enjoy a good read, as well as proving to be a great spot for a good old fashion Kaffeeklatsch chin wag.

Nosh Weekend Brunch Menu

Being practically neighbours, I have been working my way through their menu since their opening. I appreciate the refined menu selection, as opposed to menus that try to please everyone by offering everything under the sun. Rarely have I found a place that sports the later, done well.

Nosh offers a wholesome breakfast choices, a choice of 3-4 daily fillings sandwiched inbtween in house baked breads, a specials board for lunch and also plenty of delicate french style pastries that accompany a good cuppa afternoon very tea nicely.   

For weekend brunch, their menu offers a Nosh Brunch – HK$150 (gourmet full hog breakie), Euro Brunch HK$140 (lighter but still satisfying) and a few other variations, which alter from time to time.

Eggplant bruschetta on sour dough

The bruschetta is a personal favourite. It starts with the home baked sour dough foundation, which has a lovely surprise layer of cream cheese In-between the soft and well seasoned egg plant. The generous alternating layers of tomatoes and meaty mozzarella are finished off well with a thick and sticky balsamic reduction, which is welcomed as it perfectly balances the dish by cutting through the cheese goodness. To finish it off, fresh basil leaves work to lift the dish nicely. Not only visually appealing, you will leave absolutely stuffed and easily able to justify to yourself that it was somewhat guilt free.

Peach, Parma Ham and Mozzarella Salad

A refreshing light bite is their peach, mozzarella and parma ham salad with a balsamic reduction. 

Nosh Cafe
a. 11 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan (off Hollywood Road)
t. +852 25598508